10. Juli 2006

Subscription Offer: DVD Documentation 'Karl Richter in Munich'

For our International Visitors!

Our film project, the Video Documentation 'Karl Richter in Munich' is running on schedule. The DVD Masters going to the production facility later this week.

Let me update you, about some very positive developments in our project:

1. The overwhelming reaction from dear readers, regardless whether they were participants in the creation and interpretation of Karl Richter’s Music, friends or listeners (and even the critics) was very encouraging and kept us going. Thank You All!

2. In the past 9 month we received lots of additional material from Germany, from USA and from Japan for our Karl Richter-Archive. Lt me single out on contributor 'Juergen Rasche'. He handed over his complete collection on Karl Richter and the Munich Bach-Choir, for the project and our fast growing Archive. Thank You!

3. When we first talked about our plan to produce the Documentation Karl Richter in Munich on DVD, we said, that we could not do this job properly without getting the permission to including a fair amount of Karl Richter’s Music. Now we can! The community of Karl Richter’s heirs have given their permission to use Live-recordings from many performances on the new DVD's. Thank You!

Even so almost of the writing on this blog is in German, half of our readers are from not German speaking countries and have also participated in the dialog and even provided material to use and include in our Karl Richter Archive. Thank You!

With all of this we have to change our plans – and we hope you like it.

The DVD-Documentation will be not a single packed DVD, but a DVD-Trilogy (with a German / English soundtrack) in three parts.

Part 1:
Karl Richter in Munich
Soloists • Concerts • Tours

Double-DVD Running time approx. 135 minutes
ISBN 3-00-019277-8 (Soundtrack German / Englisch)
Publication date 20-Sept-2006

Sales price Euro 37. 95 (plus international postage, if applicable)

Special Subscription Offer:
For all order received before / until 20-Aug-2006 you will get an early bird price of Euro 29. 95 (2 DVD) and early delivery starting last week August.

Please send your order on or before 20-Aug-2006 per eMail to Conventus Musicus

Part 2:
Karl Richter in Munich
His work with the Munich Bach-Choir and Bach-Orchestra

Publication date: Spring 2007 (April)
DVD Running time approx. 92 minutes
ISBN 3-00-019277-8 (Soundtrack German / Englisch)
Publication date: 22-March-2007

Sales price at Conventus Musicus Karl Richter Onlineshop Euro 28. 95 (plus international postage, if applicable)

Part 3:
Karl Richter in Munich
Appreciation of Richter’s fascination and art of interpretation

Publication date: Autumn 2007 (October)

Special Subscription Offer:
Trilogy Karl Richter Part 1 to 3 (until 20-Aug-2006)

If you are ready to commit to buy the complete Trilogy (1 Double DVD, 3 Single DVD’s before or until 20-Aug-2006 you will receive an early bird price of only Euro 75. 00 (plus international postage if applicable).

Please send your order 20-Aug-2006 per eMail to Conventus Musicus

Shipping und Payment-Information:
International Delivery:

add 3.50 Euro for Europe
add 6,50 Euro for World - Standard Airmail Letter - outside Europe
(for orders of one or two copies of part 1)

For any other request Conventus Musicus will inform you about additional shipping cost - if applicable. Conventus Musicus offers payment via PayPal or Banktransfer.