28. Mai 2006

Karl Richter in Tokyo 1979 (Correction)

Kazuo Tsuru from Tokyo, Japan shot this fine picture (published on pg. 20 of our book 'Karl Richter in München') on February 17, 1979 showing Karl Richter in St. Mary's Cathedral's, Tokyo, playing the Verschuren-Organ.

Kazuo Tsuru has been kind enough to correct the published date (1975) of this photograph and claims his ownership.

We are happy to acknowledge his Copyright.

Thank you Mr. Kazuo Tsuru for contacting us and your help in getting this information right!

For Kazuo Tsuru - (in case he checks back)
Can you provide information where you took this picture of Karl Richter in 1979 (name of church, concert hall, program)?
We are proud of getting so many, more than 10 percent of our visitors from Japan and sharing with us their memory and love for Karl Richter and his music.

P.S. (2)
Thank you Masa, for your help with translation ...