5. November 2005

Homage to 'Karl Richter in Munich' - the famous conductor, organist & harpsichordist

It is time to make an entry on this karlrichtermunich Blog in English and thank our numerous international visitors (e.g. from Australia, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, South America, South Africa and Europe) - so please do not run away!

This is an announcement, about the new documentation on Karl Richter and his time in Munich, his work with the Munich Bach-Choir and Munich Bach-Orchestra, his tours around the world and his unforgotten recordings.

This homage to Karl Richter commemorate the 25 anniversary of the death of Karl Richter (15 Feb) und his 80th birthday (15 Oct) in 2006.

Karl Richter in Munich 1951 - 1981
Famous Artists, contemporary witnesses and Bach-Chorister remember his era and genius

- Interviews with more than 30 artists, contemporary witnesses and Bach-Choristers
- with 370 photos and many anecdotes
- Concert tours, surrounding stories and encounters
- chronicle of the concerts of the Munich Bach choir around the world

Book format 20 of x 20 with 276 pages, Nov 2005,
ISBN 3-00-016864-8 | Retail price: 28,95 Euro (plus postage)

This book is written in German, all 370 pictures and most names of course are quite international ;-)

The book will be avaiable in specialized book and music stores, by eMail, via mailorder from conventus musicus (or via Amazon.de).

Our book project 'Karl Richter in Munich / Muenchen' is right on plan and it will be out next week. This blog (even so in German language) gives a good preview on the artist you will meet again and hear about their encounter, stories and appreciation of Karl Richter and his work.

We still find it difficult to understand (and sad) that this will be the only book available on Karl Richter and his great era and influence in Munich, with the Munich Bach-Choir and the Munich Bach-Orchestra. But that is the reason Johannes Martin (publisher), the artists, chorister and contemporary witnesses taking this special effort to make it a worthily and informatively memory of Karl Richter and his time.

DVD: We hope to convince the Richter family, that they will allow us to use his music to make our planned video documentation (on DVD) in 2006 a worthy and moving testimonial of Karl Richter and its work.

Translation: If there is interest and support making this book available in English or any other language please leave a comment or write to Conventus Musicus!

Resellers: Requests from resellers are welcome!