7. Juli 2010

The Karl Richter Archive is growing considerably

more than 400 new historical documents and a lot of work for us

Ingrid Bücher, a former member of the Munich Bach-Choir – from 1962 to 2006 - and founder and director of the Bücher-Dieckmeyer Foundation dedicated to preserve the memory of Karl Richter an his work, has bequeathed the archive more than 400 new documents from the years 1962-1981.

Thus, the Era Karl Richter in Munich from 1951 - 1981 is now fairly complete documented. Of course, there are still some desiderata missing, but with the help of you, our readers and followers here and from former soloists and members of the Munich Bach-Choir, friends of Karl Richter’s Music and contemporaries we hope to add them over time.

If you, dear readers of our Blogs, follower on Twitter, friends on Facebook are aware of or possess any programs, reviews, photos, newspaper clippings, recordings, etc. Karl Richter, I would be very happy to get in contact.

You might be aware of the series ‘Karl Richter – contemporary documents published so far

Part 1: Years 1951 - 1954
Part 2: Years 1955 - 1957
Part 3: Years 1958 - 1959

With this new rich collection from Ingrid Bücher, we will continue chronologically with this project. We plan to release part 4: Years 1960-1962 this Fall 2010.

Here are some specimen documents from the collection of Ingrid Bücher:

Karl Richter and his Munich Bach-Orchestra in Ansbach (1961)


TV guide schedule note for [television premiere] of the ZDF film "Karl Richter and his Munich Bach Choir" in 1968


Karl Richter and his Munich Bach-Orchestra in Ansbach (1961)

Otto Büchner and Maurice André (1969)

Front page of the benefit concert in the monastery church of Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Funeral service in St. Mark's Church in Munich on February 20, 1981