13. November 2007

Karl Richter Video-Documentary Part 3: 'Fascination and Interpretation' is now available

In the third and last part of the Karl-Richter-Video documentary Johannes Martin has let over 20 contemporary witnesses (et al. Hertha Töpper, Edda Moser, Julia Hamari, Kieth Engen, Christian Kabitz and Paul Meisen) have their say and providing over 26 musical quotes (from live recordings), which help explain the interpretation and the fascination, that Karl Richter wielded over both musicians and audience and which has kept music lovers all over the world aroused and fascinated, even to this day.

On February 17th 1981, Joachim Kaiser wrote in his obituary for Karl Richter:
"It was the spontaneous versatility which was the source of Richter’s knowledge and artistry. Over and over again in during his magnificent but all too short a career as conducter he was able to achieve a new approach to the great works of Bach. Suddenly, surprised but fascinated the choir had to go along with new and unfamiliar tempi, always making it sound, though often rehearsed, as fresh and moving as if it was the very first time." (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

DVD, official release: 15-November-2007

Running time 92 minutes (German/English)

Part 3 offers 92 minutes of numerous excerpts from interviews made with contemporary witnesses of Karl Richter’s era, with former members of the Munich Bach-Choir and the Bach-Orchestra as well as "his" soloist singers, and presents an exceptionally vibrant picture of how Richter’s unique interpretations and the resulting music evoked the fascination of his listeners. In addition there are numerous musical examples and interpretation comparisons from the witnesses themselves.

Karl Richter was one of the most significant Bach-interpreters of the last century. With his concert performances and gramophone recordings of the sixties and seventies he set a worldwide standard as conductor, harpsichordist and organist.

Johannes Martin, together with friends, former colleagues as well as ardent admirers of Karl Richter’s music have worked intensively for the last three and a half years to produce this documentary. In 2006, on the occasion of Karl Richter’s 80th birthday (and the 25th anniversary of his death) the book "Karl Richter in Munich - contemporary witnesses remember" was brought out. This was followed by the completed film trilogy, which retraces the 30-year long Karl Richter era in Munich. A multitude of photographs, films, old normal 8 and super 8 films as well as audio recordings of live concerts and excerpts from interviews with contemporary witnesses give testimony to Karl Richter’s exceptional status in the musical world of Munich.

Overview of the ‘Karl Richter in Munich’ Trilogy on DVD

Part 1: Soloists-Concerts-Tours
Double-DVD, running time 135 minutes (German/English)
ISBN 978-3-00-019277-8
Released September 2006

Part 2: Bach-Choir and Bach Orchestra
DVD, running time 92 minutes (German/ English)
ISBN 978-3-00-020726-6
Released March 2007

Part 3: Fascination and Interpretation
DVD, running time 92 minutes (German/ English)
ISBN 978-3-00-022647-2
Released November 2007

Book documentation (German language)

Karl Richter in Muenchen (1951 - 1981)
- Zeitzeugen erinnern sich (contemporary witnesses remember
Size 20 x 20 cm, 276 pages, 370 pictures (b/w)
ISBN 978-3-00-016864-8

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