13. September 2006

Looking for Voluntary Translations for the Karl Richter Life & Work Paper

In our previous entry we posted about two Italian Blog writing about Karl Richter's Life and Work (in time for the celebration of his 80th birthday on October 15th).

About one month ago, we published Roland Wörner manuscript

Karl Richter 1921 - 1981
His Life & Work

in English (translation: Maureen Aldenhoff) on our Karl Richter Munich blog HTML | PDF

We would appreciate voluntaries interested in translating 'Karl Richter Life & Works' into other languages

This are some of the countries, we have regular visitors from (and no translation):
Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Korea, Russia, Hungary ...

For them (and others) we would appreciate translated versions in their language, somewhere in the Web (but of course, any other language translation is welcomed, too).

If you are interested to translate and publish Roland Wörner's text about Life & Work of Karl Richter into your language, we offer you this text under a Creative Commons 2.5 license.

If you tell us about your initiative, we will mention your work on our blog and link to your translation (blog or website).

The DVD Video-Documentation (more)
'Karl Richter in Munich 'Soloists - Concerts - Tours' (Double DVD) has two audio tracks; so you can listen to this outstanding 135 min. DVD Document with many live-recordings in Deutsch or English