11. August 2006

Karl Richter's Life & Work by Roland Wörner

Karl Richter 1921 – 1981
His Life & Work

by Roland Wörner

by Maureen Aldenhoff

from the DVD Booklet:

Karl Richter’s intellectual work had it’s roots in the classical, musical theological and humanitarian education he received as the offspring of a Saxon choirmaster, organist and clergyman; and as a pupil of the famous Rudolf Mauersberger, one of the most important composers of Evangelical church music at the “Kreuzalumnat”, a famous boarding school in Dresden in, as well as being a pupil of both Karl Straube and Günther Ramin in Leipzig. Last but not least he was a student at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy School. A school founded by the Master himself.

Karl Richter was born on 15th October 1926 as the fourth of five children to Dr. Christian Johannes Richter and Clara Hedwig Richter in Plauen in Vogtland. Two years later the family moved to Marienberg in the “Erzgebirge”, where the father took over the position of Superintendent. In Marienberg and later on in Freiberg in Saxony, where Karl’s mother had moved to after the early death of his father due to heart failure. Karl was greatly influenced by church and organ music. In Freiburg’s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in the whole of Germany, he had the opportunity to practice on Gottfried Silbermanns monumental organ and of being able to sing in the Kurrende ...

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