16. Januar 2006

International Editions: Karl Richter in Munich (1951 - 1981)

Karl Richter and his Munich Bach-Choir and Bach-Orchestra performed in many countries and his recording are still very popular among the connoisseurs of classical music. That's is the reason our Website has visitors from all over the world.

Japan takes the first place in our statistic country share with 10.7 percent, followed by USA with 8.1 percent. Most West and South European countries are on our list, notable Austria 5,5 %, Italy with 4,2 %, Switzerland with 2,87 %, UK with 2,5 %, the Nordic countries with 2,2 %.

But we also receive visitors from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile), Canada, Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland), other Asian countries (like China, Korea, Singapore) as well as from some African countries and Australia.

Interested parties from Japan can buy the book in some specialized shops in Japan, but now they can also order from Amazon.jp

We had first requests in publishing an English and maybe a Japanese version, but until now we have not found the right partner for such a venture. Your help would be appreciated!